Frequently Asked Questions


Payments made directly over the internet are settled by the payment gateway and are reconciled separately from manual credit card machine payments.
ResPax reconciliation reports can be customised by our in-house team to suit any process and payment gateway used for automatic credit card transactions.

ResPax provides cash reconciliation reports that match the cash in the till(s) for the same period. The process involves checking the POB (pay on board) payments screen for cash collected during tours, verifying the cash till against the reservations payments screen, and confirming vouchers against the agent payments screen.
These steps ensure that all payment methods balance the total sales. Once reconciled, the bookings are ready for archiving and invoicing.

ResPax has multi-currency capability and is able to invoice/take payment in any currency.

ResPax offers customisable comma-separated file exports to suit clients’ MYOB accounting models. Clients can choose summary invoices per debtor per period or one invoice per booking. ResPax can customise text files for MYOB imports as receipts, revenue journals, and customer updates.

Tour operators control invoicing through their accounting model design and dynamic batch exporting, deciding which batches to import or ignore. ResPax designs text file formats based on client-provided MYOB sample files.

ResPax integrates with MYOB, Xero, Attache and more. The accounts exporting interface can be customised to adapt to any accounting system, either directly into the database or via delimited text files or API integrations. Operators can invoice through their existing accounting system or ResPax, with flexible invoicing intervals. ResPax offers various invoice formats and can customise invoices to meet operators’ needs.


The 2% transaction fee is calculated on the first of each month for the bookings that had travel dates in the preceding month.
The Invoice will be sent and the charges will occur during the first week of each month.

This fee applies to API bookings from OTA’s using the ResPax Operator Network (RON2) and web bookings using the Online Booking Engine (OBE).
All ResPax Operators can connect to RON2, allowing agent organisations to book operators via web tools (with their own applications or booking websites).

Examples of connected agents include Viator, Get Your Guide, TicketMates, HERO, Veltra, Klook, Backpacker Deals and Flight Centre .

Gateway and Payment Process

ResPax is integrated to multiple payment gateways using either embedded forms or hosted payment pages (HPP).
All credit card details are transacted directly from the customers browser to these payment gateways, and at no time do the card details go via the ResPax system.
On successful charge of the card, the gateway sends ResPax an authorisation number. This is all that ResPax stores for that transaction, and this is used for reconciliation and refunding.

ResPax add new gateways and providers to suit the market. We currently supports
– Eway
– Windcave
– SecurePay
– Safe2Pay
– Adyen


The ResPax web interface uses SSL encryption for all pages.

All staff users are authenticated through an application login. Detailed permissions are applied to individuals allowing the operator’s administrators to tightly control access to sensitive areas.
User logins and permissions are application layered; at no time is direct access given directly to the database.
When external developers need interact with the data, a restricted JSON API is provided that restricts access and controls permissions

Each Operator recieved their own ResPax database instance – databases are not shared between Operators. ResPax Operators can have unlimited sites to control branding, payments and customisations. The admin UI is very easy to use and intuitive to configure brands and themes.

Operators can create unlimited tours for their system. Day tours, multi-day tours and accommodation are all supported with finely tuned features to support all tour configurations.
Permissions can filter which tours are visible to staff to book so that Operators can create branch offices or their own groups.
Permissions can filter which bookings are visible to staff to view and edit, providing different views for each brand.

Tours can be available internally to staff, or web enabled for direct consumers and agents on our booking engine, and/or for Online Travel Agents (OTA’s) via our ResPax Operator Network (RON2) – THE original network that has been providing global product distribution for Operators for over two decades.

Simple ‘flat’ tours can be built in ResPax and available online within minutes.
ResPax also handles the more complicated tour confiugurations that our clients have including multi-level, multi-day tours with components, shared resources, accommodation options, and add-on extras all in one!

ResPax has many advanced tour options
– calendar support for limited departures with our Next 7 departures, that can check ahead 2 years and group the next 7 evailable departures on a single calendar
– monthly calendars will always display the month of the next available departure
– mandatory transfers
– include or exclude infants from availability checks
– sunflowers to flag tour that are disability friendly
– full support using augmented reality in audio (ARIA) using screen readers for customers with blindness, low vision and other vision impairments

Google maps API integration for ease of completing address related fields

Online purchase and redemption of Gift Certificates on both the admin and consumer sites

Our ‘Guest Connect’ module provides bulk communication via email and SMS. Operators can create templated emails and SMS to re-use at any time or be scheduled to send based on spcific criteria.
Supports schedules for
– pre-travel notifications
– checkin links
– waiver links
– post-travel surveys
– cancellation notifications
– payment links



ResPax supports notes, diary entries, and task allocation with reminders (via email or pop-up notifications) to effectively manage agents and customers.

ResPax records marketing information for individual passengers at the time of booking. It collects data on passenger origins, booking sources, and promotion origins per booking. There are up to 15 personal fields that can be captured per passenger at the time of booking and another 15 fields that can be updated via Passenger Logins, or by staff in their admin portal

Agents can be configured and grouped for performance and promotional purposes.


ResPax reports for all printable outputs, like manifests, vouchers, confirmations, itineraries, performance, sales, and accounting reports, all as PDFs. Organised into Operations, Performance, Sales, and Accounting with user-specific permissions, reports can be previewed, printed, exported, and emailed.

A scheduling feature allows for automatic, recurring email distribution.

Additionally, ResPax reporting tools can be used for advanced insights, enabling interactive dashboards and customisable reports with automated distribution for real-time access to critical business insights.