Experience Co introduces direct bookings, saving 20 per cent on call-centre staffing costs each year.

Workflow Automation

Operations staff love the flexibility and being able to have custom changes the business needs, written into ResPax.

Experience Co is an established web store with many thrilling tour activities in its range, from cruising coral reefs through to jumping out of planes. With 20+ years’ experience in the travel industry, the adventure company excels at packaging experiences in exciting new ways for sale online – the backbone of its business.

Multiple Tour Bookings

However, in the early days prior to ResPax, it was a different story according to Experience Co’s Scott Lahney. Enquiries were coming fast, and the back office needed to keep up, ensuring the entire customer experience was outstanding - not just the canyoning or white-water river rafting trip.

“Staff struggled with the concept of booking a package of multiple tours for one customer. We needed to take one easy payment for everything, and track changes through the entire lifecycle of the booking.”

Automation and Scalability

Experience Co chose ResPax for its ability to package tours elegantly. 20 years later, it stays because ResPax helps it adapt early, from online bookings through to B2B channel manager integration.

“ResPax drives our entire business. Booking and payment information is stored securely in one centralised system. Staff are far more efficient with commissions, prices, discounts and payments all pre-configured to speed up bookings. Without this automation, we never could have scaled.

We can now market tours globally, connecting with some of the world’s largest travel agents including Viator through the ResPax channel manager RON. Agents love RON because they can access all operators on the network at the low cost of a single integration.”

Scheduled Reporting

Being able to schedule reports for email delivery has also made a difference. Scrambling at the last moment is a thing of the past says Lahney. “Critical documents such as bus-pickup manifests arrive automatically, even after hours. We no longer rely on staff to send them manually.”

Lahney loves the flexibility and customisation. “It’s a game-changer being able to have feature changes, which suit our business, written into ResPax. Tailored reporting allows us to get information out in exactly the format we want, down to the decimal point.”

One Happy Customer

Lahney is very happy with his investment in tour management,and would gladly recommend ResPax to other businesses like his.

“We can’t imagine moving to any other system. The single biggest reason I’d recommend ResPax is I know they will keep pace with new technology. They always have. By allowing customers, agents and B2B systems to book direct, we reduce staffing costs in our call center by 20 per cent per year - a figure we see growing year-on-year.”

The single biggest reason I’d recommend ResPax is I know they’re here for the long-term.

They keep pace with new technology and travel booking practices, making us far more competitive.

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