Helpdesk Support

With real-time bookings, you need support that can resolve bottlenecks quickly.

ResPax is a fully supported tour reservation system.

Resolve Issues Fast

Goodbye downtime. Hello reliable business services.

ResPax has comprehensive support cover that helps you when you need it most. Our helpdesk support team is only a phone call or email away and is here to help you take full advantage of the ResPax suite. You'll get a speedy response no matter where you are.

Complimentary Support Block

An initial 30-hour support block is included on signup for ResPax Enterprise. It can be used for support, training or Business Analysis services and report customisation.

Knowledge Base

If you need quick answers our knowledge base has extensive documentation about ResPax software available online for step-by-step guidance.

This resource is FREE, and it’s fast. Over 90% of questions are answered directly by customers this way.

Complimentary Support

For personal assistance, the ResPax Helpdesk team is available from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. You can email, call direct or go DIY through our self-service Portal.

For emergency services after hours there’s a dedicated number. In rare cases where issues can’t be resolved quickly and remotely, an on-site visit by a technician is available.

Learning Cloud

ResPax has automated systems to identify issues that may impact your infrastructure and data.

Our remote monitors track your backups and replications - sending you an immediate alert when needed to catch any problems early.

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